Sunday, August 31, 2008

To All Those Politically Inclined To Speak Their Mind...

... I need some guidance. As I have kept a reluctant eye on our nation's politics over the last several months, I can't help but let my disdain for politics prevent me from analyzing and critiquing my decision-making before November 4th.

I hate politics, mainly because I hate the two-party system, and how it resembles the separation between denominations within the Church body. I despise how money and lobbyists have influenced politicians to waver in their beliefs and promises, only to find most of them corrupt in their own right through their many vices. 

I used to be a blind Republican, thinking that a party who supports anti-abortion was good enough, when there's more to politics than I'd like to shake a stick at. Now I don't trust either party, because I believe the GOP has betrayed me trying to pocket Evangelical Christianity as a meal ticket, while too many times I've seen the Democratic party waver too much in their beliefs and bend at will to popular demand.

I need opinions and insights from both sides of the political line. I do not know enough about, nor trust, either candidate for Presidency. I fear that Obama, though he would be a fresh face, an outsider bringing "Change," does not have enough experience, especially in foreign policy, and I think McCain's old enough to have a dinosaur as a pet, is not in tune with the "common man" in this country, and will croak three months into office if elected.

Please respond and tell me what you think, because I'm a big "undecided."

Meanwhile, I agree with much of what one of my favorite authors finds important before his benediction at the DNC in Denver this past week:

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Anonymous said...

I liked the Donald Miller interview.

Win Tse, I agree (that rhymes), and if any one gives you any good advice pass it onto me as well! I have no idea who I'm voting for.